About Me

Dear all,

I am Robin, a 26 year old French man. I am currently completing my DAEFLE’s degree to be a French teacher abroad.

I appreciate filling my life with sports (kayak, Ice-hockey, football, and so many more!) and cooking (lasagna, cheese specialities). So obviously I love eating (especially cheese haha)! Also I like pandas and dream to have a pet penguin! One thing that I like doing is brushing my teeth while taking a shower in order to be on time for my travels! Because indeed I do love travelling. I have always learned more by meeting and getting to know new people all over the world than any other way!

I started to teach French in Germany when I was a student. I first taught the groups of 5 to 20 courageous people, and then I gave individual lessons to young adults. I worked with various language proficiency levels, which allows me to design and lead you along an efficient study program relevant to your language skills and learning style.

From the very beginning ( – Parlez vous français? – Come on, I am French..what did you think?!) to deep conversations about the world (ou sur l’impact de la nourriture des koalas sur le règne des papillons dans la stratosphère), without forgetting to learn the basic tools (pronunciation, conjugation, tenses) through fun activities!!😀

The most important thing! The language gives you access to a multitude of knowledge. When I am teaching French, I try to give a real image of what is behind the language; for that You need to be curious, eager to learn and ready to have fun! It is a game, it is Your language travel to the unknown world..🙂