A Sample Lesson

How do I structure the lesson:

Topic: Voyager comme un local (level: B1)

1° – Warm-up:

  • Review the previous lesson (Vivre à la campagne): vocabulary, grammar. Q&A. (10′)
  • Talk about the activities done during the week and the plans for the weekend (3′)


2° – Main topic:

  • Talk about previous/future travel experiences/plans (5′)
  • Read a text in order to work on the pronunciation and target language (new vocabulary). (5′)

Questions to start a discussion:

  • How do we travel? Where do we want to go? What do we need?

Taking notes, work on pronunciation, review gender (masculine/feminine) of the common nouns (20′)

  • Game “Dans ma valise” (5′)
  • Writing of a sketch about a situation during a travel (7′)


3° Closing: (10′)

Talk about what we learnt today, what was interesting, what was difficult…

  • Vocabulary ping-pong.
  • Homework: write a sketch.